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Using Kyverno Policies for Kubernetes Governance

Introduction Kyverno is a great tool that can be installed into any Kubernetes cluster, allowing cluster administrators to enforce policies for resources in the cluster, and even modify resources before they are applied. Kyverno can be used to ensure deployments are secure, ensure deployments meet certain organizational criteria (e.g. define a cost center label), or even ensure all deployments mount a common volume. Click here to read more!

Inside the AWS re:Invent Session Bot

Today, I posted the code which runs the re:Invent Bot session tracking service. At a high level, this service scrapes the re:Invent session catalog at regular intervals, stores session information in a database, and then if sessions are new or changed, a Tweet is sent out with the session information. The goal of this post is to provide an inside look at the re:Invent Bot and share some of the AWS architecture which powers it.

Introducing Route 53 Resolver for Hybrid Cloud

Early last year, I published an article outlining the different options available for creating an enterprise-tailored hybrid DNS solution on AWS. This solution required EC2 instances, configuring DNS software, and a good amount of “undifferentiated heavy lifting.” As AWS has matured their enterprise offerings over the past several years, they’ve identified hybrid DNS as a gap and I was so happy to hear they’ve solved this problem by announcing the ‘Route 53 Resolver for Hybrid Cloud’ service today!