Twenty-Five - 24 Things I Did At 24

Matt Adorjan bio photo By Matt Adorjan

Tomorrow is my 25th birthday! As a child, it’s always hard to imagine living to be a quarter century old, but here we are. And, hey, now I can rent a car without paying extra for my age!

As I reflect on the last year of my life, I realize I’ve done so many things! I am 100% certain I’ve missed a lot of crucial items in this list, but I am hoping this gives a good summary.

  1. Went to Europe for the first time (Italy and Ireland)
  2. Moved to Chicago
  3. Left my job at McDonald's after working there since 2012
  4. Started a job at Centro
  5. Left my job at Centro
  6. Started a job at McDonald's
  7. Published a website dedicated to my journey with cancer
  8. Joined Imerman Angels as a Mentor Angel
  9. Purchased 2 new cars
  10. Got a cat
  11. Bought a bike
  12. Had the most fun ever with the best friends a person could ask for
  13. Went to my first comedy show at Second City - Panic on Cloud 9
  14. Attended Ryan's graduation from St. Thomas
  15. Attended Dad's wedding
  16. Went to a Cubs game with some really fun people
  17. Joined a gym
  18. Took more photos than I've ever taken in any year, and learned so much about photography.
  19. Worked with a stylist for the first time to pick out some awesome new clothes that fit really well @ Trunk Club
  20. Took a nice weekend getaway to Minneapolis
  21. Survived the 2015 Chicago blizzard
  22. Season 3 of House of Cards!
  23. Took a #selfie with Happy
  24. Saw that the dress was definitely blue and black

Here’s to 25! 

This year, I hope to focus more on myself and my well being, while also being a more well-rounded individual. Some goals for the year:

  • Apply for grad school
  • Excel in my career
  • Get my PMP
  • Read a book every month
  • Less time wasting activities - more productivity
  • Use that new bike! And get into a routine of exercise
  • Really, for real, eat better food and eat less of it