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AWS Routing 101

Introduction AWS makes routing simple by abstracting the complex configuration required when configuring hardware routers, and only requiring users of the platform to manage simple routing tables with a few fields. AWS’ underlying infrastructure handles the rest. That being said, there are still several different options for routing which need to be considered and then configured, based on the size and complexity of your AWS environment. This post will cover the following topics:

Twenty-Five - 24 Things I Did At 24

Tomorrow is my 25th birthday! As a child, it’s always hard to imagine living to be a quarter century old, but here we are. And, hey, now I can rent a car without paying extra for my age! As I reflect on the last year of my life, I realize I’ve done so many things! I am 100% certain I’ve missed a lot of crucial items in this list, but I am hoping this gives a good summary.

Tips for the New Metra Rider

Recently, I made the jump from a job in the suburbs of Chicago, to something a little more suited to my long-term career goals, in the city. As most job changes go, they aren’t always going to happen in conjunction with other important dates in your life, such as your lease end date for your suburban apartment. What this meant for me is - learning how to take the train downtown from the suburbs.