Stuff I Use

Inspiration provided by: Paul Stamatiou - Stuff I Use


My primary computer at home is the 15” Retina MacBook Pro (Mid 2014). It has a 240GB SSD, Intel Core i7 (2.2 Ghz.) with 16GB of RAM. I purchased this computer last September after owning a 13” MacBook Pro (Late 2011). I love this computer for so many reasons, it’s lightweight but packs a lot of power. I love using Lightroom on here because of the amazing screen and the processing power.

My work computer is a 13” Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon. It has a 128GB SSD, Intel Core i5 with 8GB of RAM. Since most of the stuff I do at work is very Microsoft Office based, this computer is perfect. It’s lightweight but at the same time packs enough power to get done what I need to get done. The battery life is also really awesome. The only complaint I have is the trackpad on this laptop absolutely sucks - I can’t use this computer without a regular mouse.

I have 2 Asus VW246H LCD displays on my desk at home. I’ve had these for a long time and they still do what they need to do. I’m considering some LED displays, but no rush on those.

Keyboard and Mouse

At work and at home I have the same keyboard and mouse, and I love them. My primary mouse is the Logitech Performance MX mouse. I love this mouse because it feels so comfortable in my hand, and it doesn’t use regular batteries, but rather it has a built in rechargeable battery. My primary keyboard is the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750. This keyboard totally runs on solar power, so you never have to change the batteries. I have never had issues with it not working, even deep in my office where there isn’t a lot of sunlight.


I just purchased the Herman Miller Highly Adjustable Aeron chair. I got it used, so it was a steep discount compared to what they cost new. I got the fully loaded chair and it is so comfortable. I could literally sit at my desk all day and never get uncomfortable. It provides support in all the right places, and you can fine tune every aspect of the chair’s positioning. I’ve had a cheap office chair for a long time and I’m glad I made the investment in a new chair. I think I’ll have this one for a long time!

At work, I have a Steelcase Leap chair, which I also find quite comfortable. The Leap offers almost as many options as the Aeron, but the Leap I don’t feel has the same level of upper back support as the Aeron. Either way, it’s still a great chair and I love it.


I shoot with a Canon EOS 70D. I got this camera in March 2014 and am in love with it. I’m just starting to get into serious photography, and this camera has been great at helping me get there. For editing my photos, I use Adobe Lightroom 5.

Mobile Device

My cell phone is the Apple iPhone 6 64GB. It does what it needs to do; I love the larger screen compared to the older models.

Other Services I Use

  • Cloak - I use this cheap VPN service for when I am working anywhere with an unsecured network. I don't know whether this is really 100% necessary or not, but for the nominal fee, I figure it's better safe than sorry.
  • Dropbox - All of my files, documents, etc. are stored on my Dropbox account so I can access them from anywhere. I don't have any files that exist only on my laptop anymore. I also use Dropbox to backup all of the photos from my phone and I love that I can access those from anywhere, as well.
  • Flickr
  • Todoist - I track all of my daily ToDos in Todoist. I use this for both work and personal and I love that I can access it on any platform and see all of the things I have to do. The karma points are also a great form of motivation for getting stuff done.